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What are we in Basileuo Learning Centre

Basileuo Learning Centre is a day and boarding school, admitting learners who experience serious learning difficulties caused by various factors both intrinsic or extrinsic (by self, home or school). Whatever may be the cause, these learners have not been benefitting fully from the regular school curriculum.

Basileuo Learning Centre will identify your child’s specific learning problems through a vigorous educational assessment and will recommend and adopt a tailor-made programme to suit the learner. The school believes that every child can learn and that no child should be left behind.



Laying quality foundation to enable all students to learn


To provide quality foundation in education, enabling all learners to overcome education difficulties and develop in our students the skills and knowledge that have sound educational practices and competencies, essential for success and leadership in life.


Love and Leadership make character


The school will utilize both regular and special methods in teaching and learning. Clinical teaching methods will focus on individual learners using ‘assess-teach-assess-teach’ approach. The school will apply differentiated methods of teaching, looking at the child’s competencies and multiple intelligences especially where the child is ‘SMART’.

Who are these children?

In every given population 14-30% of school-going children have serious learning problems despite the fact they have been in school all through their lives. Records of the last 15 years in Kenya indicates that over 40% of standard 8 school leavers score less than 250 out of 500 marks yearly. The 2019 KCPE results indicated that over 263,000 candidates scored 0-200 marks. While these learners may be joining secondary schools, majority of them will still not cope with the school curriculum at secondary level because they do not have basic skills as the foundation to learn all other subjects. Consequently, a big number will drop out of school while others will stay in school for another 4 years but still fail.

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Curriculum Offered at Basileuo

Basileou School will offer foundation bridging subjects that will enable your child to study and understand all other subjects at the school level. Your child’s present level of performance will be identified through assessment in the aim of identifying what the child can do best in relation  to his/her interests and needs.

In addition to regular school program

At Basileuo, your child will be able to identify his/her career path under our unique prevocational programme while still young and in school. The courses offered include: photography; camera skills, video shooting and editing; audio production and editing; song composing; dance and drama; hair and beauty, makeup, nail art, baking and pastry, art and design and interior decoration programmes. Every learner will be empowered on decision-making and leadership skills.

Above all

All these career path based prevocational programmes will be enhanced by ICT skills. In addition, the school will offer guidance and counseling services to eliminate and/or minimize undesirable behavior which could have resulted from continuous failure in school subjects.

Do not wait for 8 years to be told that your child has failed, secure his/her education and future today.