What we are

Basileuo Learning Centre is a day and boarding school, admitting learners who experience serious learning difficulties caused by various factors both intrinsic or extrinsic (by self, home or school).

Who are these children

In every given population 14-30% of school-going children have serious learning problems despite the fact

Curriculum Offered

Basileuo School will offer foundation bridging subjects that will enable your child to study and understand


The school will utilize both regular and special methods in teaching and learning. Clinical teaching methods

Apply for Admission

Admission ready for the following

2019 school leavers who scored less than 200 marks in KCPE

2017 and 2018 KCPE school leavers who still have not been able to identify their career paths and are still struggling in learning.

Learners in classes 6-8 who are struggling in school will be assisted early enough before they are subjected to KCPE examinations.  

Basileuo will re-build learning foundation to propel the student to promising academic heights and success.

We expect the learners to be


More focused


Better decision makers


Accountable and take responsibilities


Aware of his/her own needs and those of others


Building self-esteem and assertiveness